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Buying Advice

Type of Tulle

We offer 3 different types of tulle in two colours. The Illusion tulle, gives a ‘barely there’ look. This therefore only comes in the one colour as it matches both white and ivory dresses. The other two options come in both white and ivory. The Soft tulle is more drapey, a silk style affect, where as the Crisp is more lightweight and translucent. We would recommend matching the fabric with your dress by using one of our sample cards, which can be found here.  

Top Tips

If you are looking for a Cathedral Veil with the traditional 'puddle' it's best to go for Soft or Crisp Tulle, due to the width of the fabric. If you want a sleeker look the Illusion option is a great choice! However if your dress has beadwork and heavy lace, the Soft tulle can get caught so we would recommend going for the Illusion tulle. 


We offer a range of lengths measuring 50, 65, 100, 150, 200 and 300cm from the comb. These are just the standard sizes, we can of course accommodate any length. Simply measure from the back of your head to where ever you would like the length to finish. 

Single or Double Layer

If you would like the traditional face covering you will need the two layers. We offer a short front which is 55cm, approximately bust length and a longer length 75cm, which means your hands and flowers would be underneath the veil. This will be indicated in the description as long or short, unless otherwise stated. The lovely thing about a double layer is that it gives more fullness and a cascade effect when it sits down the back. It also is a slightly fuller effect. 

Comb or Drop Veil

The advantage of a comb is that it’s easy to slide into the hair, particularly if you’re having a partial or full updo. A drop veil is flat and is usually secured with either pins or a hair band. We offer some beautiful hair bands for a bit of sparkle. The advantage of a drop veil is you can change your mind about the length!


Unlike many veil suppliers, at Unveiled we put the chosen design on both sides of the fabric. This way you never see the 'back' of the decoration. 



We have many different options for lace in our standard range. If these aren't suitable we can work with you to source lace that compliments your dress. To find out more, click here


The scallop edge lends itself particularly well to either lace, or crystals or pearls. We recommend going for a decoration with a scallop as it really highlights the edge, whereas it gets lost without the decoration.