About Sophie

Sophie trained at the Royal Opera House as a Costume and Footwear Technician. During her time she gained a wide range of expertise working with the unparalleled quality of the costumes and knowledge of those working in Covent Garden. She spent her final 6 months in the Ladies workroom, creating beautiful costumes for both opera and ballet. 

After completing her apprenticeship, Sophie worked in a bridal boutique in Central London, learning the couture techniques. She then landed a job making for Disney's Aladdin. She created over 150 intricately beaded headdresses for both stage and screen, for productions around the world. She also worked on many productions such as Phantom of the Opera for Paris and Norma for the MET in New York. 


Sophie's love of detail started at a a young age. With her mother doing intricate bead work Sophie soon followed in her footsteps, also picking up lace work from her Nannie. By the age of seven she was creating clothes and hand sewn animals. Her meticulous attention to detail, even at this young age, set her on a path of creativity and using her exceptional sewing skill to set up Unveiled by Sophie. 

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