The Charlotte veil has a thin chantilly eyelash lace and is perfect for a boho wedding. The French lace is a delicate but dramatic addition, and matches either a simpler or lacey dress.


The veil pictured is the 300cm singe layer veil, in illusion tulle.


To add a comb decoration, click here.


All our veils are lovingly handcrafted in London and each one is made to order. To find out the current lead time, click here. We do offer a 'Rush Service', but rarely between May and September! To inquire about this option Contact Us.


Please note that the different fabrics, lengths and if the veil has a front, will affect how the veil falls over the comb. Each veil specifies which fabric it is made from. You can change the amount of gather via a Bespoke Veil. If you have any questions or would like clarification please Contact Us! 


All veils are mounted on a silver metal comb. We also offer drop veils. Please don't hesitate to drop us a message.

Charlotte - Thin Chantilly Eyelash Lace Veil

  • To help you decide on fabrics, we recommend ordering samples.


    Unlike other companies, we put decoration on both sides of the fabric, so you never see the 'back' of the pearls or crystals.


    We recommend reading Buying Advice before purchasing your veil.


    Dress by Katya Katya

  • When your veil arrives, try it on and make sure you are happy. If there are any issues or you have changed your mind, please contact asap and we will get back to you promptly.


    We have sent your veil in acid free tissue paper, so we suggest you wrap it back up to protect it. A few days before the wedding, take your veil out and hang it so that any creases can drop out. It's a good idea to put it in the bathroom after having a shower, as the steam will help any remaining creases fall out. Alternately, you can use a steamer if you have one to hand! Do not use direct heat on the fabric as this may damage it.


    If you have a veil with a comb, insert it so that the comb follows the curve of your head and the layers cascade over.


    After the wedding, store carefully in the tissue paper provided to prevent discolouration or damage.