Fabric samples are the best way to perfectly match your veil with your dress. We have three fabrics in our Standard Range. 


Standard Range 

  • Soft Tulle -  This tulle is beautifully elegant and drapey giving a real luxury feel. It gives the effect of silk, whilst the extra wide fabric makes for a dramatic veil. Width 310cm 
  • Crisp Tulle - This fabric is traditional veiling tulle. The crisper nature lends itself to lace and applique detailing as it carries the weight well. This tulle is soft against the skin, and in no way scratchy!  Width 270cm
  • Illusion Tulle - The illusion tulle gives a modern 'barely there' look, which is perfect for a lighter look. The illusion tulle is ideal for a dress with back detailing as it's so translucent, it also lends itself to detailing. Width 160cm 


If you would like a larger sample of a specific tulle click here. 

    Standard Tulle Samples